About Showlights

Showlights was birthed in the summer of 2009 by a team of people sharing a similar dream: to see theatrical arts pursued with excellence while honoring the Lord Jesus Christ, bring families together through intergenerational involvement in musical theater, and merge the various giftings among us to create a thriving artistic team. Most of all, we shared a vision to show the light of Jesus through theater, ministering both to actors and families involved and to a wider audience.


Our company had four full seasons from 2009-2013, offering classes in drama, dance, and voice and producing two shows a year. Then in 2013, God spoke to us repeatedly through these words in Isaiah 43:19…


“Look. I am about to do something new;

even now it is coming. Do you not see it?”


As we took a hiatus in 2014, two new developments  emerged for Showlights – the birth of a theater program at Judson International School under the direction of Showlights director Brandon Hamilton and preparations for the production of a new musical, The Promise, book by our staff writer Kiersti Giron and score by composers Michael Card and Scott Brashar.  A staged reading of The Promise took place in 2015, followed in December 2017 with a full-scale premiere of this powerful and intimate retelling of the nativity story. As we currently produce shows with intergenerational, largely adult casts, Judson School continues to offer drama, dance, and voice training for youth with the opportunity to participate in musical theater productions under the direction of Showlights director Maren Plog (for more information, see http://www.judsonschool.org/Fine--Performing-Arts).


Whatever our show, and in every cast, we strive to help young people cultivate character as they develop their talents. We seek to encourage all our actors to care about pleasing God both onstage and off. Prayer and devotional times are integrated into rehearsals with the intention of deepening our relationships with God and one another. We also want to see our company impact our community as actors who care. A percentage of donations received at performances of The Promise were given to benefit Middle Eastern refugees, in honor of the Child who was Himself a refugee in His earliest years on earth.


Showlights’ motto, “Building CAREactors for Christ,” reflects these aims as well as summing up our foundational values:


C – honoring Christ

A – performing the Arts

R – blessing Relationships

E – pursuing Excellence


We believe all members of cast and crew, whatever their role, are equally valuable in God’s eyes and ours. While we are a Christian company, we welcome actors from all backgrounds and beliefs. We look forward to seeing what plans God has in store for Showlights in this new season. He is our ultimate Director, and we are excited to be along for the ride! Would you like to join us?